Responses to our work

Responses to Our WorkOver the last three years we have been contacted by many people expressing support, commentary and (occasionally) criticism of our work. In this section we have put together some excerpts from these communications. We do this in order to illustrate the extraordinary level of support we have received, and also because many issues have been raised that we have not had the time to investigate fully. Needless to say, the identities of the individuals have been removed, as well as any references to specific third level institutions.

The only exception to this anonymity is in the official responses we have received from certain institutions when we have requested grade data to keep our data-base up to date. While we have eventually obtained the requested data, this has only been possible following formal appeals under the Freedom of Information Act. That we have had to resort to such appeals is indicative of the official stance with regard to informing the grade inflation debate and hence, we include these responses in full.