Student Responses to Our Work

It is reassuring to see that an effort is being made to highlight the issue of grade inflation in Ireland. Having attended the I found it disturbing to witness this phenomenon at first hand. After graduation I was moved to write of my concerns to the IoT and also to HETAC. My evidence was anecdotal and as such it was rejected by both parties. However, it is impossible to argue against your research findings.

I think it’s really great that you founded this website because I believe too that there is a serious problem regarding low standards in Irish third level institutions. I did an MA in last year and I can honestly say I didn’t think it was possible for a course from a supposedly reputable university to be so bad. It shocked me that it could be so easy to get a Masters degree. I made several complaints to various people within the university at the time and although most listened to my grievances, it didn’t make much of a difference.

I recently came across your website and I was astounded at the profound lack of knowledge your organization shows with respect to the Irish education marking system. For your information, HETAC has become an awarding body where they rarely ever give first class honours degrees nowadays. That must stop…….. Institutes of Technologies and Universities ARE cutting people down in their marks. I was forced to study abroad recently because of the fact that its impossible to get a first class honours degree in some Institutes of Technology.

Having returned to third-level education after being “out” for over 15 years, I can tell you I was astounded not only by the clear deterioration in academic ability of many of my younger classmates (for whom basic literacy was sometimes a struggle) but also by the decline in teaching standards, generally (there were a couple of outstanding exceptions). What is particularly disturbing was the courses I attended were of a technical nature. Having worked in the IT sector for 20 years, we find it’s now not uncommon to find job applicants who have graduated from third level CS courses with honours but who yet struggle to programme anything remotely more complex than a simple tax calculation programme in Java. The implication for our economic competitiveness, credibility and attractiveness to foreign investment, yet alone domestic innovation patterns, are frightening? If you can’t manage “Hello World” then it’s “Goodbye Ireland.”

I am a 3rd year student attending . I was trying to ascertain the “true” worth of (fingers crossed) my 1.1 and stumbled upon your site. Just to let you know that you are definitely onto something here! have been throwing me As like they are going out of fashion and I seem to be getting these for turning up and working hard, and unfortunately not for academic genius!! I raised this with a trusted T.A. (educated abroad) and she said that a B1 here would be a C1 where she did her undergrad. I mean it is ultimately unfair on me if my grades are inflated and it will be embarrassing for me if I was to find myself a laughing stock at a graduate level abroad. I can’t speak for everyone but I strongly believe my results are being doped. But hey I guess teaching assistants want to be lecturers, lecturers- professors and professors-deans and nobody stands up for what is right? Anyway thank you for the site it was an eye-opener! Please continue your work for students like me who just want an honest reward for their four years of hard work! I would rather have a 2.2 that meant something than a 1.1 that was tainted.