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Research Papers

The papers below analyse grade inflation in Irish third level education.

Paper 1: Evidence of Grade Inflation 1994-2004 in the Institute of Technology Sector in Ireland Download (PDF)

Paper 2: Grade Inflation in Irish Universities (19942004) Download (PDF)

Paper 3: Regulation Changes Contributing to Grade Inflation: The NCEA/HETAC Case Study Download (PDF)

Paper 4: The Causes of Grade Inflation - An Exploration of Social and Institutional Pressures and Policy Choices Download (PDF)

Paper 5: The Consequences of Grade Inflation Download (PDF)

Paper 6: A Case Study in Grade Disparity: Grade Patterns among BSc in Nursing Graduates Download (PDF)

Paper 7: Grade Inflation in the Leaving Certificate Examination 1992 - 2006 Download (PDF)

A 4-page summary of the first 5 papers is also available:

Summary of Papers 1-5 Download (PDF)

The raw data on which the above analysis is based, along with user's guides for the files, is available below.

Raw data

Institutes of Technology Download (SPSS)

Universities Download (EXCEL) Download (SPSS)

Leaving Certificate Download (EXCEL)

User's Guides

Institutes of Technology Download (PDF)

Universities Download (PDF)

Powerpoint presentations given by Martin O'Grady:

Grade Inflation in the IOT Sector 1994-04 (LIT, 16 April 2008) Download

Grade Inflation in Irish Universities 1994-2004 (DCU, 8 April 2008) Download

Other Documents:

Grade Inflation in Irish Second and Third Level Education (TUI News, Nov/Dec 2008) Download