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The Network for Irish Educational Standards is pleased to announce the publication of its latest update on grade data in the Institute of Technology Sector:

Paper 11: Continuing Grade Inflation 2009-2013 in the Institute of Technology Sector in Ireland Download (PDF)

Previous papers analyse grade inflation in Irish second and third level education.

Paper 1: Evidence of Grade Inflation 1994-2004 in the Institute of Technology Sector in Ireland
Download (PDF)

Paper 2: Grade Inflation in Irish Universities (1994–2004) Download (PDF)

Paper 3: Regulation Changes Contributing to Grade Inflation: The NCEA/HETAC Case Study Download (PDF)

Paper 4: The Causes of Grade Inflation – An Exploration of Social and Institutional Pressures and Policy Choices Download (PDF)

Paper 5: The Consequences of Grade Inflation Download (PDF)

Paper 6: A Case Study in Grade Disparity: Grade Patterns among BSc in Nursing Graduates Download (PDF)

Paper 7: Grade Inflation in the Leaving Certificate Examination 1992 – 2006 Download (PDF)

Paper 8: Grade Inflation 2005-2008 in the Institute of Technology Sector: Declining Standards Download (PDF)

Paper 9: New Metrics for Detecting Changes in Educational Standards Download (PDF)

Paper 10: Updated Analysis of Grade Inflation in the University Sector in Ireland (Including 2005-2009 data) Download (PDF)

A Review by Martin O’Grady of the thesis entitled “Cabhair is Cairde is Grasta O Dhia Chugainn. A Study of the “Saiocht” of a Parish in Co. Clare” by Flan Garvey
Review (PDF)

A 4-page summary of the first 5 papers is also available:

Summary of Papers 1-5 Download (PDF)

The raw data on which the above analysis is based, along with user’s guides for the files, is available below.

Raw data

Institutes of Technology 1994-2013 Download (SPSS)

Universities 1994–2004 Download (EXCEL) or Download (SPSS)

Universities 2004-2009 Download (EXCEL)

Leaving Certificate 1992-2006 Download (EXCEL)

User’s Guides

Guide to Institutes of Technology data 1994-2013 Download (PDF)

Guide to Universities data 1994–2004 Download (PDF)

Powerpoint presentations given by Martin O’Grady:

Grade Inflation in the IOT Sector 1994-04 (LIT, 16 April 2008) Download

Grade Inflation in Irish Universities 1994-2004 (DCU, 8 April 2008) Download

Other Documents:

Grade Inflation in Irish Second and Third Level Education (TUI News, Nov/Dec 2008) Download